Rant Equals: Is Reading Manga before an Adaptation Foolish?”

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I can’t count how many times a friend, online buddy, or fellow YouTuber has mentioned corresponding manga material while watching a show and to be honest, this is the last straw. I realize I might meet some opposition in voicing this opinion, but I have to keep it real with you guys (and girls).

Anime is so incredibly loved (and hated I’m guessing) due to it’s flexibility & because of this, shows can progress in a number of ways with plot twists, adaptations, etc. Though what stems from this freedom is often an unsatisfactory product. Take these situations for instance: when normal people watch anime, they just watch to see if its good. But serious fans or critics see if a series is original or improves on what’s been previously done.

Anime adaptions have it rough because they have to do a combination of both. No matter how awesome the source material, mirroring it scene for scene’s proven time after time to only disappoint, leaving people feeling like the manga’s better and on the flipside, if a show changes the source material too much, it risks alienating fans and yet again, making people feel like the comic or novel was better.

And thus, this begs the question: Is it okay to read source material before watching a movie or show adapted from it? The short answer…no. The long answer? No…sometimes, kinda maybe.


To be blunt, knowledge of specifics beforehand are spoilers plain and simple. No matter if you like being spoiled or not, or don’t even see it the same way. The fact of the matter is reading, material like this taints the experience of watching the anime 9 times out of 10 giving you preconceived notions. Seldom is it the other way around & even more seldom is the integrity of both mediums upheld while making both equally agreeable among customers. I don’t particularly read much manga anymore because of a dreadful show called Dance in the Vampire Bund, but the only shows I remember coming out pretty good were OreImo & Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood. Besides that, all I ever hear are people bitching and moaning about differences.

And in all honesty, the same could be said about movies from books. Lord of the Rings was an exceptional flick, but titless like Max Payne, Tekken, Dead or Alive have been unceremoniously bad. Kill-yourself-bad.

So despite me basically talking in circles and not really saying too much, my point boils down to this: it’s fine to read a manga before the anime, but if you’re disappointment is based off enjoyment of the manga, then it might be your fault. Not saying it IS ALL the time…but sometimes it might. Now before you get all upset, some anime shows are pieces of shit that get direction and the plot all messed up & no matter what you read or not, nothing will help, but for those supposed gems of a series, I just offer a piece of advice: get out of the library, off the computer, iPhone iPad, tablet, android…whatever & just sit down & enjoy the show.

Do YOU watch shows “fresh?” Or CHEAT & read the manga first? & Why? Comment!

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    • Nuu

      May 27, 2013

      lol i wasnt saying you’re a cheater silly lol. I was just saying I like to see if the anime in question can stand on its own without help :p that’s all :D

  1. Maztuhmind

    May 27, 2013

    there are so many things wrong with this rant. for starters, who are “normal people” who watch anime compared to fans and critics? everybody has an opinion and for every “normal person” who barely watches any anime but still enjoys some of it, there are also people who don’t care about the medium at all.

    it’s pretty silly to even try to compare video game adaptations of movies to novel adaptations. video games and novels are two different forms of medium and although there are video games that focus heavily on story, a novel’s sole purpose is story. besides, to this day, there has never been a video game adapted movie that went on to garner universal praise like many novel adaptations end up receiving.

    on to your main argument about peoples perceptions of anime adaptation of manga, there are many reasons why they wouldn’t like the anime as opposed to the manga. to name a few, direction, animation, art style, voice acting, how 30 minute episodes equate to only one chapter of the manga and the end all be all, filler, come to mind. no anime adaptation is perfect. just because one doesn’t like an anime adaptation of a manga, it is NO WAY their fault whatsoever for having that opinion. you really can’t blame them for having preferences of the manga over the anime, that’s just the way it is. besides, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood isn’t the exception to the rule when it comes to anime adaptations of manga. that show has its flaws as well.

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