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  1. Onery

    Happy New Year: 2014!

    A belated new year’s greetings to you all! While I’m waiting for the latest Batsu Game New Year episode from Gaki no Tsukai to be translated, I thought I’d share some animes to look forward to this year…
  2. Onery

    Catch-Up: Something Every Good Burger Needs

    Hey there and wow. It’s been a while since I’ve wrote down anything. Real life’s been crazy these past couple of months and I’ve barely had time to sit down and think about what to write. With such atrocious procrastination practices comes a staggeringly large backlog that I’m now being swept away by. However, I shall pull my britches up and continue writing as I do enjoy it. Let’s start off with some stuff I’ve...
  3. Onery

    Summer ’13 Anime!

    Hey there! I’m finishing watching and writing up Anime from Spring ’13 for some of the series I’ve watched. It’ll take a lil while but hopefully series reviews will be up in the coming weeks. Anyways, just had a look through this season’s offerings (yeah, a couple of weeks late, but never mind that!) and I’ve decided to compile very quickly a couple of titles that I’ve deemed worthy of a look this season on...
  4. Onery

    Layton Brothers (iOS) Review: Every Game Has Its Spinoff

    Wondering who Professor Hershel Layton from the DS series of puzzle/mystery games ultimately ends up with (relationship-wise)? Well, first let’s put the shota/yaoi fans down gently by saying it’s not Luke Triton (LOL, I promised myself not to use this ever in my writing… but I’ll make an exception here). This new title from Level-5 unfortunately doesn’t address that issue, however it does introduce us to his son: Alfendi Layton! And I must say, that...

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